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"Your Life Smarts, My Smart Life"

08-07 2018

"Your Life Smarts, My Smart Life"

When Apple released the new HomeKit smart home platform in 2014, Haier was the only Chinese manufacturer in the first batch to access to it. Others are all world-class brands such as Philip and Honeywell.

Apple HomeKit can integrate a variety of smart home apps, remotely turn on lighting, door locks and temperature control with one click through the iPhone. It also has functions of voice control with Siri voice, and security monitoring as well.

But Haier's own U+ smart life operating system was released a few months earlier than that version of HomeKit. This system is not only compatible with HomeKit, but also compatible with other brands and terminals. Users only need about 10 seconds to connect with all smart home terminals.

At present, Haier is already a very important egg supplier, high-end beef supplier and Wuchang rice supplier... As of July 2017, Haier’s cumulative investment in the agricultural sector has reached 7.2 billion yuan, involving 10 categories in 6 major regions, during which the imprint of "Agriculture + IoT" can be seen everywhere.

On Haichuanghui platform, a Haier's comprehensive business incubation platform, you can even see the drone project, and the benchmark of the project is the current industry giant DJI ...

Now, a typical Haier life scene is like this:

When you wake up in the morning, the curtains with Haier U+OS are automatically opened and the sun shines into your room. Haier water heater has prepared hot water that meets your temperature need.

The tempting fragrance wafts from the Fisher & Paykel stove. The breakfast eggs and beef may be produced by members of the Haier's chain ecosystem where they are supplied through the organic food network of Haier XCook refrigerators.

After the meal, the safety of the kitchen gas is not to be worried, because Haier smart home security system will give you the most considerable protection.

You can enjoy the morning news customized by Haier smart speakers while you have breakfast. The temperature of the room is always pleasant regardless of the outdoor weather. The IoT Casarte air conditioner is automatically turned on and adjusted to your favorite temperature according to its memory.

By the way, Haier washing machine has washed and dried your clothes. Don't forget to take them out, and take a look at today's clothing advice that Haier Internet of clothing ecosystem provides you ... 

Remember, this is just the beginning of the day. As long as you like, Haier has many life scenes to continue the service for you; if one day you change your mind, Haier will iterate these life scenes according to your new needs... For every life scene, it needs a large number of product groups and even enterprise groups to support the scene.

Therefore, a little attention will reveal that in the past few years, Haier has been involved in more and more fields, from clothing, food, housing, to transportation, and even financial and medical services; the number of those who are comparable to Haier employees (they all identify themselves as "Haierers") are getting more diversified with entrepreneurs, farmers, drivers, designers, users, investors, and so on.

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