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6 months by 1,500+ people,1-minute Haier documentary finished

01-10 2020

The article contains 1,370 Chinese characters. One minute is needed for reading.

The globalization of Haier Smart Home not only exists in words, images and videos, but also in global users’ angles of view. Since its beginning on April 15, “Snapshot Haier” has received more than 1,500 photos from netizens over 6 months, covering 34 countries of 5 continents.

50 out of the 1,500+ photos have been selected to show a comprehensive image of the globalization of Haier Smart Home—globalized brand layouts, globalized R&D system, globalized factories, globalized marketing system, globalized service system, globalized sale sites, globalized users and globalized public welfare.

Let’s take a look at overseas Haier from these dimensions.


Globalized brand layouts

“Snapshot Haier” shows the globalized ecosystem brand layouts of Haier Smart Home. It is the only Chinese enterprise that owns global brand layouts covering 4 continents.We see the scattered brands around the global of Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances US, Fisher & Paykel New Zealand, AQUA Japan and Candy Italy, covering the global markets and multiple consumption levels.

Haier brand layouts


A wife in Venice, Italy uses Haier washing machine.

Casarte brand layout


A full set of Casarte smart home appliances appears in a 600-year-old French castle.

Fisher & Paykel brand layout


A home designer in Perth purchases a full set of Fisher & Paykel home appliances for the new house.

GE Appliances brand layout


GEA’s smart kitchen is experienced.

Candy brand layout


Candy’s smart washing machine is tested and assessed by an authoritative Czech website.

AQUA brand layout


An overseas student from Japan experiences AQUA “community wash” at a bakery.

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Globalized R&D system

Haier is the home appliances enterprise with the most overseas patent layouts in China. Its proportion of patents of invention, number of overseas patents and application amount of PCT all rank first in the field of home appliances. The 10+N open R&D system, which was set up by Haier, can efficiently realize the docking with global resources and expand its R&D to the whole world. The system can not be matched by 10, 100 or even 1,000 enclosed R&D centers of other enterprises.

Haier Asia R&D Center


Haier Asia R&D Center in Kumagaya, Japan (a night view)

Haier America R&D Center


Vigorous Haier America R&D Center

Haier Europe R&D Center


The dishwasher test room at Haier Europe R&D Center

Haier Australasia R&D Center


The layout of an open kitchen at Haier Australasia R&D Center

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Globalized Haier factories

Haier is the home appliances enterprise with the most complete overseas manufacturing layouts in China. It has 25 industrial parks and 122 factories of which 54 are overseas. The Haier factories in foreign countries form an important part of Haier’s globalized supply chain all over the world.

Haier Russia Smart Ecosystem Industrial Park


The first interconnected factory in Europe—Haier Russia Washing Machine Interconnected Factory

Haier India Industrial Park


Haier India Pune Industrial Park in Maharashtra, India

Haier Thailand Factory


Haier Thailand Air Conditioner Factory in Kabin Buri Industrial Park, Thailand

Haier Vietnam Factory


AQUA Drum Washing Machine Factory in Dong Nai, Vietnam

Haier Pakistan Factory


Haier Pakistan Factory in Haier-Ruba Economic Zone in Lahore

Haier Japan Laundry Factory


AQUA Laundry Factory in Shiga, Japan

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Globalized Marketing System

OEM export enterprises do not need marketing centers overseas. However, Haier, which creates a global ecosystem brand, has built 108 marketing centers globally and has formed the widest and deepest brand marketing system around the world. Via multiple forms of interaction activities, the independent brand creation image of Haier has been shown.

Haier Japan


Both brands, Haier Japan and AQUA, light up Ginza, Tokyo.

Haier  the Czech Republic


The greetings of Haier on the Easter eggs in the Czech Republic

Haier Japan


AQUA at the “Sanctuary” concert in Tokyo

Haier Russia


The “Haier blue” at the largest outdoor folk music concert in Russia

Haier Malaysia


A little Malaysian girl plays with building blocks on a Haier washing machine.

Haier Indonesia


A live interaction between AQUA Indonesia and users at the Jakarta Fair

Haier Spain


A Spanish netizen comes across the same air conditioner as in his house.

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Globalized service system

Haier is the first Chinese home appliances enterprise that has achieved the setup of the full product service procedures. There are 7,200 service centers built by Haier, covering most regions and countries around the world. Chinese enterprises can export technologies, products and core parts. However, they can not export service systems. There is no need to talk about OEM enterprises. Even some home appliances export enterprises with their own brands do not have their own service systems and after sale groups. Instead, they rely on local dealerships, and clients themselves look for after sale service agents.

Haier service in France


The transformation of Haier high-end service in Europe has started from France.

Haier service in Europe


The integration of the service systems between Haier Europe and Candy Group has been completed.

Haier service in Russia


The mobile service station in Russia

Haier service in Australasia


A Fisher & Paykel freight vehicle with blue and white

Haier service in India


The mobile service station in India

Haier service in Thailand


The brand service center in eastern Bangkok, Thailand

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Globalized sale sites

If you walk around sale sites and world-famous landmarks in the world which are crowded with people, you will find that the familiar Haier can be seen at once, though other Chinese home appliances will not necessarily be found.

Haier Russia experience store


The brand experience store of Haier Russia in southern Moscow

Haier India experience store


The Haier Smart Home experience store in New Delhi, India

Haier Pakistan experience store


The Haier brand experience store in Lahore, Pakistan

Haier Nigeria experience store


The Haier Nigeria high-end flagship experience store

Haier France sale site


Boulanger sale site at Madeleine Avenue in Paris, France

Haier Germany sale site 


The washing machines at “Gold Mall”, the biggest home appliances chain channel in Germany

Haier Thailand sale site 


Haier Thailand smart home brand experience store

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Globalized Haier users

Many well-known Chinese enterprises manufacture a lot of home appliances without knowing where users are. There are specific users for every Haier product. Currently, Haier products have spread to 160 countries and regions in the world with over 1 billion users, forming the largest user group globally.

Haier Italian users


A photo of a family and a Haier air conditioner in Monza, Italy

Haier Spanish users


A Spanish user uses a Haier refrigerator to store scarlet shrimps

Haier Australian users


An Australian user uses Fisher & Paykel as the background of a portrait

Haier Italian users


An Italian Chinese designer shows a finger heart to a Candy smart washing machine

Haier Australasian users


A Fisher & Paykel refrigerator in the house of a retired 80-year-old policeman

Haier Italian users


An Italian user uses a Haier refrigerator to store fresh Mozzarella cheese

Haier Pakistani users 


A selfie of a Pakistani father with his two sons and the third Haier product in their house

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Globalized public welfare

The total of the funds and goods donated by Haier has exceeded 500 million yuan. Haier is the Chinese enterprise that has aided to build the most Hope primary schools in Project Hope of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. In the process of the independent brand creation, Haier has never stopped taking social responsibilities. Through a series of public welfare activities such as donating smart home appliances to American public schools, donating public welfare funds to the Thailand Children’s Cardiac Surgery Foundation, aiding children with cleft lips and palates in Vietnam, and so on, the warmth of Haier brand has been felt by people all over the world.

Haier America public welfare


GEA provides advanced smart home appliances for the public schools in Jefferson County.

Haier Thailand public welfare


Haier donates public welfare funds to the Thailand Children’s Cardiac Surgery Foundation.

Haier Indonesia public welfare


AQUA donates for orphanages in Indonesia

Haier Ethiopia public welfare


A Haier solar vaccine refrigerator at a health station in Ethiopia

Haier Vietnam public welfare


AQUA participates in an aiding activity for children with cleft lips and palates in Vietnam

Haier India public welfare


Haier India Pune Industrial Park donates disaster relief supplies to flood-hit areas

Haier Thailand public welfare 


Haier Thailand offers teaching supplies to local schools

Haier the Philippines public welfare


Haier goes to orphanages for donation in the Philippines

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Compared with those photos from the media, these may not be shocking. However, the Haier brand from users’ angles of view is closer to life and more vivid;

Compared with those photos of Haier before, these are not exquisite enough. However, the Haier brand from users’ angles of view is more concrete and comprehensive.

As the home appliances brand that has been Global No. 1 for 10 consecutive years (according to Euromonitor International), Haier has become a changer that leads the brands of “Made in China” and changes the global structure of home appliances manufacture. Now, Haier Smart Home is customizing a great life for users around the world.

As an activity, “Snapshot Haier” just reflected users’ angles to view Haier during the activity. Actually, the similar scene happens every second, every moment and every day.

Ten million fans of Haier Smart Home light up Haier’s global layout.

A New Year carnival for Haier’s fans, a beautiful life lit up by smartness.

Use smartness to light up the New Year. Haier Smart Life has got a global face of the brand. A carnival of a beautiful life. 


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