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Haier Philippines: Stay Safe and Win Campaign in Facebook

04-16 2020
Haier Philippines Launched Campaign #Stay Safe and Win

From March 18, Haier Philippines launched a campaign of “Stay Safe and Win,” calling on local people to share photos of epidemic prevention scenes and include the #HaierPHStaySafe through Facebook and Instagram. This campaign gained likes of 60,438 and entries over 600 in Facebook and more than 11,000 likes and over 100 entries in Instagram. Besides daily prevention process, users also share health scenes with their family, like bodybuilding, gardening, sunbathing, etc.


A Thanks Message From Manila St. Luke Medical Center

On April 8, Manila St. Luke Medical Center in Philippines sent a thanks message includes the #HaierPHStaySafe, which expresses their gratitude and respect to Haier Philippines for its donation of refrigerators during this emergency period. The Center also responded to the #HaierPHStaySafe by calling on local people to stay at home for epidemic control.

Due to the epidemic, both the domestic and foreign home appliance market continue to decline. However, Haier Philippines rose 22% in spite of the adverse situation in the first quarter, with varying degrees of growth in refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, and kitchen appliances. 

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