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Haier Philippines Dealer Convention 2023: "Unbox the Level Up" shows high-end brand’s strength.

08-15 2023

Haier team

Haier Philippines recently hosted its highly anticipated Dealer Convention 2023 with the exciting theme of "Unbox the Level Up." The event took place on July 11th at Shangri-la The Fort, BGC in Taguig City, and was attended by 400 attendees from Haier's business partners.

The convention was attended by Haier's business partners and welcomed guests from various agencies, including the Department of Energy (DOE), the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), and the Philippine Appliances Association. These guests' presence further emphasized the event's importance and impact.

One of the main highlights of the convention was the comprehensive product exhibition. Haier Philippines took the opportunity to showcase its full range of products, including high-end refrigerators, gas ranges, televisions, air conditioners, and washing machines. This exhibition served as a platform to demonstrate the strength and superiority of Haier's high-end brand.

Recognizing the need to engage with a broader audience, Haier Philippines innovatively livestreamed the product exhibition on their official Facebook page, granting consumers a Business to Consumer (B2C) experience. To amplify the reach and impact of this online event, Haier also invited influential social media personalities to join the live stream.

Ivana & Angeline

Adding more excitement to the convention, the event featured the presence of Ms. Ivana Alawi, the Brand Ambassador of Haier Philippines. She captivated the audience by sharing her personal story of how she became a part of the Haier family. The guests enjoyed hearing about her journey and how Haier has positively impacted her life.

In addition, renowned Filipino singer, actress, and television personality Ms. Angeline Quinto was invited by Haier to perform singing and entertain the guests with her exceptional talent. Her performance created a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Haier's high-end brand image left a deep impression on the participating partners at the dealer convention. The Director of National Sales expressed excitement when he mentioned, "The international first-class brand level of the conference! We are thrilled by the high-end products and look forward to strengthening our cooperation with Haier to achieve high growth and open a new chapter together."


According to data, Haier Philippines has had a compound growth rate of more than 23% for five consecutive years, continuing to outperform the industry. Despite this year's market downturn, Haier Philippine's overall revenue growth in the first half remained double-digit. Behind the remarkable performance, Haier Philippines adheres to the high-end transformation strategy and takes measures to enhance brand awareness.

At this convention, several high-end products were unveiled, such as the Magic Cooling high-end refrigerator built with flexible temperature control, which can provide a storage temperature of -18 °C to 5 °C, and the refrigeration and freezing functions can be switched at will, making it suitable for making smoothies and storing fruits in hot weather. Another one is the direct drive inverter washing machine equipped with air washing, which works smoothly without vibration and can penetrate the fabric fibers, smooth the wrinkles, refresh the clothes, and maintain high-end fabrics at home. The frequency conversion air conditioner with self-cleaning function and UV sterilization technology not only saves on maintenance costs but can also produce healthy and clean air, significantly improving the comfort of the home.

Haier Philippines has consistently focused on enhancing brand awareness and market performance. As part of their initiatives, Haier has been selected as the official "smart home solution" partner of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) for five consecutive years. This partnership showcases Haier's brand influence and commitment to promoting smart home solutions.

Through high-end transformation and sports interaction, Haier Philippines has achieved a more substantial brand presence and accelerated global brand building. Leveraging smart innovation technology, Haier Philippines will continue to iterate innovative life scenarios, enhance market competitiveness, and empower future growth.

The success of Haier's Dealer Convention 2023 further solidified the company's position as a market leader in the home appliance industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Haier Philippines continues to revolutionize how we experience smart living.

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