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Haier Inspire Future Dreams Badminton Camp

08-25 2023

Haier Thailand hosts “Haier Inspire Future Dreams Badminton Camp 2023” to enrich the potential of Thai youths, with Malaysian and Filipino representatives joining


Bangkok, Thailand - 13 August 2023, Haier (Thailand), a global electrical products and innovation leader and the world's No. 1 electrical appliance brand for 14 consecutive years, organized the "Haier Inspire Future Dreams Badminton Camp 2023" event for youths. Enthusiastic Thai badminton enthusiasts have seen their skills and dreams fulfilled. This activity is tailored for young athletes who emerged victorious in the 2023 school badminton tournament (Haier Nationwide Youth Badminton Championships 2023). Its aim is to promote the potential of young athletes in Thailand, providing them with opportunities to develop their abilities and grow into future athletes, potentially contributing to the national badminton team. Badminton, as a sport, holds a pivotal role in promoting the health of Thai youths, encompassing skill acquisition and personality development. This camp is organized by Haier Electrical Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the Department of Physical Education. The overarching goal is to encourage physical activity and inspire young individuals to nurture their skills and potential in playing badminton. Additionally, representatives of badminton athletes from Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines also participated, lending further significance to the event.


Mr. Zhang Zhenghui, Chief Executive Officer of Haier Southeast Asia, articulated the purpose behind his involvement in organizing this event, stemming from the imperative for consumers to be well-informed about healthcare. This ethos resonates with the technology and product leader, Haier and emphasizes the importance of good health. This focus ensures consumers enjoy a positive experience when utilizing our products. A prime illustration is the UV-Cool Series air conditioners, which incorporate UVC Sterilization technology. This innovation effectively thwarts Covid-19 germs by an impressive 99.99%. Moreover, the Self-Cleaning Series washing machine model, equipped with self-cleaning technology, consistently cleans the drum after every cycle, eliminating up to 99.9% of impurities.


During the camp, young badminton players from Malaysia and the Philippines engaged in various activities alongside two esteemed brand ambassadors of Haier Thailand: Khun Boy Pakorn Chatborirak, a talented actor with a strong commitment to healthcare advocacy, adding an element of entertaining fun to the proceedings; and Khun Po Por Sapsiree Taerattanachai, a reigning mixed doubles world champion in badminton. These accomplished figures participated in training sessions, imparting their expertise in badminton techniques to inspire skill development and facilitate the sharing of experiences and knowledge among participants. The camp aimed to cultivate diverse badminton skills, with the potential for further expansion in the future.


In conclusion, the "Haier Inspire Future Dreams Badminton Camp 2023" event is not only a badminton camp but also an extension of Haier's commitment to healthcare. It is a remarkable opportunity for Haier to actively contribute to the promotion of learning and creative development through the badminton tournament. By nurturing the aspirations of young individuals, this camp strives to inspire skill growth and pave the way for potential future national athletes.

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