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Haier Smart Home Becomes 2024 & 2025 BWF
Southeast Asia Official Partner

01-24 2024


Following being the official sponsor of the 2024 Malaysia Open in Kuala Lumpur that began on January 9th. Haier Smart Home formally held a signing ceremony with the World Badminton Federation (BWF) in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 12th to officially announce their new BWF Southeast Asia partnership.

世界羽联商务与传播总监Owen Leed表示,与海尔智家这样的全球领先品牌建立合作伙伴关系,吸引更多羽毛球爱好者和家庭参与,传递向上拼搏的价值观,有助于推动羽毛球运动的发展。


Owen Leed, BWF commercial & communications director, stated that it is great honor to establish this partnership with a global leading brand like Haier. As BWF Southeast Asia official Partner, Haier group will associate their brands such as Haier and Aqua with BWF top events in the region to promote BWF values like hard work and perseverance, bringing more excitement to badminton fans, supporting the development of the sports, and giving access to more families.

For Haier Smart Home, cooperating with BWF would also help to deeply cultivate Southeast Asia markets, enhance the global brand awareness, and accelerate the process of its globalization.

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Joining hands with international sports events to support growth in Southeast Asia markets.


BWF was founded in 1934 with headquarter located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is an international badminton management organization aiming at the promotion and development of badminton around the world, strengthening the connections with the badminton associations in each country. Currently, it has 163 formal member associations.


Badminton is one of the most followed and practiced sports in Asia with strong worldwide development and footprint with more than 700 million global fans and it is the mission of BWF to keep providing badminton access to more fans and players by giving everyone a chance to play badminton for life.

Haier Smart Home's brands appearance on the badminton court is an important measure to adhere to its overseas brand creation and "trinity" localization strategy layout, which will help to deepen the local brand building and market expansion.


Since entering the Southeast Asia market, Haier Smart Home has been user-oriented and has created products that meet the differentiated needs of local users. Taking air conditioners as an example, to solve the problems of heat and humidity in Southeast Asia, which is prone to the growth of mold, Haier Smart Home has launched smart UV health air conditioners equipped with a UV deep ultraviolet sterilization technology to satisfy user requirements for healthy air. With the unique self-cleaning technology, the dust, dirt and mold on the evaporator of the air conditioners can be removed, keeping the interior of the air conditioners clean and bringing health and convenience to users.


To resolve the problem of freezers’ being frost-prone in Thailand, Haier Smart Home has launched horizontal air-cooling freezers equipped with a new air cooling technology, which can effectively prevent frost and facilitate usage. Meanwhile, Haier Smart Home continuously  improves its user experience, the newly-launched deep-cold freezers can lower the temperature inside to -60, meeting the storage needs of various food ingredients.


Through differentiated innovations based on user needs, Haier Smart Home has gained the recognition from Southeast Asian users and has taken the lead in the local market. In Thailand, its market share of freezers and air conditioners has ranked first; In Indonesia, the share of its washing machines has been in the second place; In Malaysia, Haier Smart Home has achieved double-digit growth against the trend of a 25% overall sales decline in the industry.


High-end brand creation booming globally.

近年来,海尔智家已多次携手国际体育赛事,先后成为法国网球公开赛罗兰-加洛斯Nitto ATP总决赛官方合作伙伴,连续四年成为菲律宾篮球联赛官方合作伙伴等,持续提升品牌全球美誉。

In recent years, Haier Smart Home has partnered with international sports events for multiple times, becoming the official partner of the French Open, Roland Garros and the Nitto ATP Finals. Besides, it has been the official partner of the Philippine Basketball League for four consecutive years, continuously enhancing its global brand reputation.

在全球化布局中,海尔智家不仅通过亮相国际体育赛事的方式,拉近与用户的距离,还通过本土化研发、本土化制造及本土化营销,在全球建成海尔、卡萨帝、统帅、GE AppliancesFisher&PaykelAQUACandy七大品牌集群,将品牌真正融入到当地用户生活中,服务全球10亿+用户家庭。

In its global layout, Haier Smart Home has not only brought users closer by appearing in international sports events, but also has built seven brand clusters (Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA and Candy) in the world via the localization of research and development, manufacturing and marketing, fully integrating the brands into the lives of local users and serving over 1 billion families worldwide.


In the US, people tend to do laundry on weekends. And based on the feature, GEA has realized the iteration of large-drum washing machines; In Spain, Candy has launched the most compact washing machines in the industry to meet the laundry requirements of people living alone and those with limited living space; In Japan, AQUA Community Laundry, which is equipped with high-capacity washing machines, has become the first choice for users... With the continuous promotion of overseas high-end brand creation strategy, Haier Smart Home has been booming in multiple global markets, leading the markets continuously. According to a report by Euromonitor International, Haier was the No. 1 in global retail sales of large home appliance brands in 2023, acquiring the 15th consecutive global top title.


Though countries are different, users’ pursuit of a better life is always the same. Haier Smart Home will continue to adhere to being user-oriented, launch great products and services that truly meet users diversified  demands and solve the pain points in daily life and customize a better life for all global users.

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