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Haier Unveils Groundbreaking Smart Home Solutions Redefining Filipino Living

05-17 2024


Haier, the vanguard of innovation in home appliances, is set to upgrade Filipino households with the launch of its latest Smart Home Solutions. Anticipated with fervor, the press launch event, which took place on May 8, 2024, at The Grand Hyatt in Bonifacio Global City, marked the beginning of a new era in smart living experiences.

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True to its commitment to “MORE CREATION, MORE POSSIBILITIES,” Haier introduced a diverse lineup of products designed to cater to the evolving needs of Filipino consumers. From the game-changing ALL FRESH refrigerator to the COLOR AI washing machine, Haier's latest innovations redefine the essence of modern living, seamlessly integrating advanced technology for unparalleled convenience as we elevate living environments into a future-ready era.

Likewise, the press launch was made even more special with the presence of distinguished guests, including Haier executives Mr. Xuhong Yan, the President/CEO of Haier Philippines and Mr. Wang Qun, Sales Executive Director.


CEO Xuhong Yan proudly shared how Haier has maintained its position at the forefront of the market in various countries worldwide. “In the Philippines, we also witnessed a remarkable growth in the last six years,” he stated, highlighting that sales in 2023 nearly tripled compared to 2018. This success, he emphasized, is thanks to the unwavering support of the people. Currently, Haier operates in more than 200 countries, demonstrating its global reach and influence.

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Likewise, the press launch showcased five world-class, innovative products that feature state-of- the-art designs, tailored to upgrade the lifestyle of every Filipino family.

1. Haier Refrigerators

Step into the future of freshness with the all-new Haier ALL-FRESH Refrigerator. This ensures all-around freshness for both the fridge and freezer. This is made possible with its cutting-edge technology, the Fresher shield. Furthermore, it features smart operations seamlessly connecting to the user. With its Smart AI for ultimate convenience, manage your fridge from anywhere with just a tap on your smartphone. With its premium design and quality, it will definitely complement your lifestyle with its elegant black glass appearance.

Additionally, the event showcased two new customer-centric refrigerators: the Mirror Glass, as the door of the future that will reflect your passion in the kitchen, and the 4-Door (T-door) model, which is Haier's bestselling four-door refrigerator that just received a major upgrade, becoming better and bigger! The grand unveiling of the new Refrigerator products is more than just cooling storage but promises to redefine freshness, providing a touch of functionality, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetics for a smarter home.

2. Haier Washing Machines

Haier sets a new benchmark in laundry care, providing end users with a more refined laundry experience.

The latest COLOR AI washing machine creates a more colorful and pleasant lifestyle for users, featuring its brilliant touchscreen and user-friendly functionality. With its incredible direct motion motor, it gives quiet, reliable, and energy-efficient washing, backed up by smart dosing—smart by name, smart by nature. Through its smart AI operations connecting to your mobile, it can simplify your laundry.

The latest Haier 601 Superdrum reflects innovation, offering bigger space for clothes. It has a sensor dry feature that protects your clothes from over drying, and the ultra-care i- refresh function effectively refreshes all types of clothes.

Additionally, the latest Haier Topload boasts its masterpiece self-cleaning “anti-scaling” technology, guaranteeing more than just clean clothes but also a complete clean cycle that ensures a healthy laundry experience.


3. Haier TV

Elevate your TV viewing experience with Haier TV's OLED technology, ensuring stunning picture quality with infinite contrast. Elevate your movie nights with the cinematic soundscapes brought by Harman Kardon, immersing the whole family in a symphony of visuals and sounds. Explore a variety of sizes to suit your needs, including the stunning OLED model in 65”, along with Mini-LED options in 65” and 75”, and QLED options available in 43”, 50”, 55”, and 65”. For a premium viewing experience, the Mini-LED options boast a peak brightness of 2000 nits and a 144Hz refresh rate, guaranteeing unparalleled clarity and smooth interface.

4. Haier Air Conditioner, UV Cool Connect Pro

Say hello to a breath of fresh air indoors with Haier's latest air conditioner, the UV Cool Connect Pro. Equipped with advanced features such as Self-Clean technology, which has an anti-bacterial rate of 99.9% and removes dust accumulation in just 18 minutes. With the Hyper PCB feature, the PCB can work stably between 130V-264V and can endure a maximum surge voltage of 450V, providing durable and reliable cooling. This ensures uninterrupted comfort for those in rural areas who frequently experience power fluctuations and blackouts. Plus, the UVC Sterilization feature uses UV-C band rays to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and sterilize viruses when air passes through it. Additionally, positive and negative ion groups are dispersed throughout the home as the wind blows out of the AC, further inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria and sterilizing viruses.

With the verge of technology and the dawn of the Internet of Things, the Haier Air Conditioner allows you to control your unit through Wi-Fi via your mobile phone. Enjoy all the features and functions of your remote control anytime and anywhere, including the Self-Clean function that you can activate right before you arrive home. With more creations and possibilities, Haier ensures that every breath you take is safe and clean!

5. Haier 60cm Air Frying Cooking Range

Haier introduced its air-frying cooking range in the Philippines, offering precise temperature control and the convenience of an oven self-cleaning panel. Offering high efficient gas burners, an electric hotplate, and a gas oven/electric air fry combo, this range will make cooking a breeze. Safety is paramount, with flame safety devices in both the cooktop and oven, ensuring peace of mind. Plus, it boasts an impressive 86L oven capacity, so there’s just no limit to one’s culinary creations!

Haier extends its gratitude to all who participated in the press launch event, as the company looks forward to the continued success of its Smart Home Solutions in the Philippines.

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