Job details

Job title:

Design Engineer (Sales Department)

Number of recruits:


Degree requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Working place:

Metro Manila

Job description:

  • Provide technical advice and demonstrate the features and advantages of the product. 

  • Prepare and deliver technical presentations explaining products or services to existing and prospective customers. 

  • Talk with customers and engineers to assess equipment needs and determine system requirements. 

  • Develop and maintain relationships with current and potential customers. 

  • In charge of equipment selection for residential and commercial air-conditioning units (including VRF and chillers) 

  • In charge of quote generation for all AC projects 

  • Conduct product line-up presentation

  • Provide mechanical calculations, heat-load, and cooling-load calculations. 

  • Conduct training for VRF Design Software for dealers and consultants. 

  • Assist Sales Engineers with the technical support needed (completion of technical evaluation, material compliance sheet, and bill of quantities.) 

  • Conduct detailed apple-to-apple comparison for VRF/VRV comparison for selected brands. 

  • Adept in site surveying/inspection to identify restrictions to generate accurate selections. 

  • Propose mechanical drawings and piping details.

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