Job details

Job title:

Technical and quality leader (Service Department)

Number of recruits:


Degree requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Working place:

HPI Head Office

Job description:

He / She is responsible for delivering our customers the highest technical support and quality assurance standards. He/she will report to the customer service director. The technical support and quality leader will lead technical training initiatives for all Haier products, coordinate closely with project managers, and liaise with the factory and product suppliers to ensure that quality management procedures are consistent and upheld.

Technical Support Management 

    • Audit work orders to ensure the right service interventions are being executed by service centers. 

Quality Management 

    • Monitor and report on quality metrics, and initiate corrective actions when deviation occurs. '

    • Ensure end-to-end resolution for escalation on quality. 

Technical Training and Development 

    • Design, implement, and deliver training programs for service center technicians to update/troubleshoot, service, and repair skills. 

    • Monitor the technical readiness of the service team, especially for new products and strategic product releases. 

Technical Knowledge Management 

    • Localize, control, cascade, and ensure maximum utilization of technical content for end-users, service personnel, and service center          


    • Key indices: First Time Fix Service, Repeated Repair in 3 months. Product Defect Ratio, etc.

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