Job details

Job title:

Contact Center Supervisor (Service Department)

Number of recruits:


Degree requirements:

Bachelor's Degree in any course

Working place:

HPI Head Office

Job description:

• Oversee daily handling of inbound calls, e-mails, live chat, social media, and the other inbound customer channels; and execution of outbound tasks which include dispatch verification, satisfaction survey, and other forms of customer verification. 

• Continuous improvement on both inbound and outbound flow in response to business situations and customer feedback. 

• Ensure resources including staffing, training, and technology, are in place to achieve operational requirements according to management direction and customer behavior. 

• Design and conduct regular performance evaluations for agents, offering constructive feedback, and implementing development plans. 

• Analyze customer feedback and work with the corresponding responsible team to ensure all concerns are closed. 

• Collaborate with other departments to resolve complex customer issues. 

• Conduct regular performance evaluations for agents' satisfactory survey, and work order verification. 

• Manage escalations, VIP customers, DTI complaints, and the like. 

• Oversee projects concerning customer touchpoints for aftersales. 

• Key Indices: Service Level and Answer Rate, 24 Hour Handling, and the like

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