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    T Door


    • Convertible Room
      Convertible Room
    • Dynamic Anti-Bacteria
      Dynamic Anti-Bacteria
    • Snow Beverage
      Snow Beverage
    • Colour
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      908 x 738 x 1900
    • Net Capacity
    • Compressor Type
      Triple Cooling Systems
      Humidity and Dry Zone
      Dynamic ABT

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      • Net Width x Height x Depth (cm) 548 x 1465 x 565 
      • Total Net Capacity 7.5 cuft ft
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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Type":"T Door"},{"Cooling Technology Freezer":"No frost"},{"Cooling Technology Refrigerator":"No frost"},{"Control System":"Triple cooling system"},{"Colour":"Black"},{"Total Net Capacity (L)":"620"},{"Net Capacity Refrigerator (L)":"440"},{"Net Capacity MyZone (L)":"90"},{"Net Capacity Freezer (L)":"90"},{"Total Gross Capacity (L)":"713"},{"Net Width x Height x Depth (cm)":"90.8 x 73.8 x 190"},{"Net Weight / Gross Weight (kg)":"133/145"},{"Handles":"Ressessed"},{"Climate Class":"T"},{"CATEGORY-Type":"T Door"}],"name":"General Specifications"},{"Field":[{"Lighting System":"Tower LED"},{"Inverter Compressor":"Yes"},{"Super Cool Function":"Yes"},{"Super Freeze Function":"Yes"},{"Voltage / Frequency":"220-240V/60Hz"}],"name":"Other Features"},{"Field":[{"Antibacteria System":"ABT"},{"Vegetable Crispers":"Yes"},{"Number of Shelves":"3"},{"Number of Door Balconies":"6"}],"name":"Refrigerator Features"},{"Field":[{"Number of Drawer":"4"},{"Number of Tray":"2"}],"name":"Freezer Features"}]}
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