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    2 Door Glass Series

    HRF-IV230VN (BG)

    • 5-in-1 Magic Cooling Mode
      5-in-1 Magic Cooling Mode
    • Twin Inverter Technology
      Twin Inverter Technology
    • 360º Precise Cooling
      360º Precise Cooling
    • Colour
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
    • Net Capacity
    • Compressor Type
      Magic Cooling Mode
      • Snow Freeze (~-10 ̊C)  
      • Super Freeze (~-24 ̊C)  
      • Freezer (~-18 ̊C)
      • E-Saving (~-12 ̊C)  
      • Fridge (~+5 ̊C)
      DEO Fresh Deodouriser
      Eliminates odour and keeps the food fresh for longer.
      Snow Frz.
      Enjoy your snow beverage in hot summer
      Multi Airflow
      Ensures that every part of the fridge is cooled with the pervasive cooling air flow with 360 degree duct inside.
      Twin Inverter
      Compressor and fan running speed changes automatically,which saves energy and makes lower noise.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Colour":"Black"},{"CATEGORY-Type":"Top Mount"}],"name":"CATEGORY"},{"Field":[{"CAPACITY (L)-Net":"235"},{"Fridge":"175"},{"Freezer":"60"}],"name":"CAPACITY (L)"},{"Field":[{"Net":"545*550*1465"},{"Gross":"635*640*1580"}],"name":"DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM"},{"Field":[{"Feature":"No Frost"}],"name":"COOLING"},{"Field":[{"Motor Type":"Inverter"}],"name":"COMPRESSOR"},{"Field":[{"T":"SN-T"}],"name":"CLIMATE CLASS"},{"Field":[{"Refrigerant":"R600a"}],"name":"COOLANT"},{"Field":[{"Type":"Hidden handle"}],"name":"HANDLE"},{"Field":[{"Fridge Shelves":"3"},{"Freezer Shelves":"1"},{"Door Pocket":"5"},{"Ice Maker":"Twist ice maker"},{"LED Lighting":"√"},{"Humidity Control":"1"},{"Vegetable Box":"1"},{"Shelf":"Tempered Glass"}],"name":"FEATURES"}]}

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