Question: Before using the washing machine, is there something to do with the laundry?


1.Sort out clothes according to fabric(cotton, synthetics, wool or silk) and to how dirty they are . Please choose different program according to the different types.

2.Separate white clothes from colored ones. Wash them first by hand to check if they fade or run.

3.Empty pockets (clips, keys, coins, etc.) and remove the harder decorative objects(e.g. brooches) to avoid them entrying into the drain pump and blocking.


Attention: Small parts(like buttons, etc) may lead to repair work which user has to pay by themselves and can cause damage in the machine.

1.Garments without hems, underwear, finely woven textile such as fine curtains are to put into wash bag(it is better not to wash them in a washing machine).

2.Close zippers and hooks, make sure the buttons are sewn on tightly and place small items such as socks, belts, bras, etc, in the wash bag.

3.Unfold large pieces of fabric such as bed sheets, bedspreads, etc.

4.Turn shirts inside out.

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