Question: How can I turn the ice maker on and off ?


Model: AFT630IX:

The Icemaker  ON/OFF function and input water time can be controlled from the TFT display board on  the fridge door:
Press Ice Maker— Press On button for the function—Press Quick Ice Making —(Adjust water intake time)Press up button or down button to adjust the time(time span shall be 0.5s) — Press OK button and back to secondary menu ("ice maker" icon in the tool bar disappears)

Press OFF button—off confirmation message will appear—Press YES button and back to secondary menu (" ice maker"  icon in the tool bar disappears)


Models: AFD630IX, AFD633IX, AFD634CX, AFD634CW :

Press key " A2"  until icon J flashes. Then press button "A5"  to switch the ice maker ON  function. Icon J will illuminate solid.

You can turn off the ice maker by repeating the above steps.


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