Question: Attention about carrying the refrigerator


Before carring:1.Unplug the power,remove all of the food of refrigerator. 2.Fix the shelf,drawer, and the moving parts with adhesive tape.3.Close the door and fix the door with tape.


Carring:1.Pack the refrigerator with foam or old blanket to avoid the refrigerator bumping or shocking2.Do not get wet in the rain or water.3. Do not  put refrigerator upside down or horizontally,the incline angle of refrigerator should bigger than 45◦(like picture)4.It should be lift up the foot when we carry the refrigerator,do not carry the handle or condenser,do not pull the refrigerator on floor.


After carring:1. Install the refrigerator on flat floor.Plug the power after 2-3 hours at least. 2.Keep ventilation,do not put sundries around refrigerator;3.keep 10cm with wall,30cm between upside of refrigerator and roof.4.Keep refrigerator away from heat, sunshine and humidity.

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