Question: No spin or washer machine does not spin at a high speed(Display UNB)



Washing machine has an unbalanced load protection function.When unbalanced weight is greater than allowable maximum,the washing machine will not spin and will run at a speed to avoid abnormal virbration and noise.



1.In case washing 1 piece of laundry(carpet,bed sheet,table sheet,ect) make itsymmetrical inside the drum.
2.Lower the wet weight of laundry pieces by wringing manually and placing them back in the drum in symmetrical position.

3.Take out and then reposition the laundry piesces inside the washing machine in a more balanced position on the inner wall ofr the drum.
4.Add 1 or 2 pieces of laundry into the durm to reduce the unbalanced load effects.
5.Restart the spin cycle by cloosing spin programme.In case the failure persists, please ask a qualified technician to repair it.

6.Select a  lower spin speed,and  if OK then select Spin program and a  higher spin speed.


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