Question: How to leveling washing machine?-




Leveling washing machine(Level it by adjustable foot)

1、Put washing machine on the ground, and then level it.

  • There are 2 adjustable feet on the bottom front side of washing machine, turn and adjust them to be higher or lower.
  • If adjustable foot with nut on it, before you start to turn it, please turn the nut to release it first, and after adjust the adjustable foot, please turn and block the nut also. (Some models have nut on adjustable foot)


2、Confirm the washing machine is level

● You could use a suspension counterweight(with a line)to check whether the washing machine is level. Put it on front and side of the washing machine to check. If the distance between the line and top part of washing machine, and lower part of washing machine is the same, it means that the washing machine is level.

3、Adjust washing machine to be steady

● Cross catch the corners of washing machine(first catch right front corner and left back corner to shake, then catch left front and right back corner to shake), then shake it to check if it is steady.


●  Washing machine can not use on pallets.

●  If the adjustable foot is damaged or other problems, please contact the after sales department.

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