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Conditions of Product Guarantee

1. We warrant this SANYO product from the date of purchase against operational defects in material/workmanship. In the event of fault occurring with your SANYO Product, it should be returned to the dealer from whom it was purchased for repairs or if not possible, contact the nearest service centre or sales office of SANYO Sales & Service .


Digital Camera/ Virus Washer :  12 Months

Electric Fan: 3 months(free item)

Washing Machine : 12 Months

Rice Cooker : 3 Months (free item)

Microwave Oven : 12Months (except magnetron 60 months)

Digital Voice Recorder: 12 months

DVD player : 3 Months(free item)

LCD TV/ Color TV : 12 Months ( except  CRT Tube: 24 months)

Refrigerator : 12 Months (except compressor: 60 Months)

Chest Freezer: 12 Months (except compressor60 Months)

Air Conditioner : 12 Months (except compressor: 60 Months)

Iron:  3 Months (free item)

Massage Chair: 12 Months

Air cleaner: 12 months

LED Lantern: 3 months(free item)


Haier will also provide after sales service to below Sanyo brand products:


Digital video camera(Dual Camera),Virus Washer(Home-use)

Air cleaner

Rice cooker

Massage Chair


DVD Plaver

Electric Fan

Digital Voice Recorder