Single Split

Single Split


  • Ultra Thin Design
  • High Efficiency Filter
  • Multi- Mode for Installation

precise system control technology

with temperature monitor in eair conditionerh area and electrical expansion valve control, the chips will adjust the status of supercooling and overheating to different situation and different combination.


powerful cooling&heating

Haier air conditioner can give more powerful cooling&heating for fast air conditioning of entire room within 1&3 minutes.


Free Setting of Air Discharge Duct

The number of the airflow outlet and its installation position can be freely selected according to the surrounding of the room, sufficiently considering the load of the room and the uniform temperature of the room to realize more perfect comfort.


Multi- Mode for Installation

The indoor unit can be installed with an air return duct or without an air return duct according to the installation need.


High Efficient Filter

The unit adopts G3 grade filter which can efficiently filter the dirt etc., and improve the room air quality. At the same time, the filter can be pulled out from downside, convenient for maintenance and cleaning.


powerful cooling

Haier air conditioner can give more powerful cooling for fast air conditioning of entire room within 1 minutes.


wide voltage

Wide voltage with the fluctuations between 175V-242V has a strong adaptability, whether under urban peak, or insufficient power supply in remote areas, the unit is able to operate normally. Like cactus.
Common ones only resume normal operation under 220V or so, the machine would burn down if voltage is too high, while too low voltage, it can not operate normally.


auto restart after power restored

The function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power blair conditionerkout.