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India’s Dream Refrigerator | Haier's Convertible SBS Series

11-25 2021

Ever wondered if the space in your freezer is going in vain? Do you wish to have more fridge space in your refrigerator? If yes, then your wishlist is no longer a dreamWe are talking about a three-door, side by side refrigerator that’s 100% convertible to suit your requirements. Yes, you read that right!

Made in India and Made for India, the new Haier SBS Refrigerators are India’s 1st Convertible SBS that are specially designed for the Indian consumers. With the help of well-studied research, Haier discovered that the needs of an Indian consumer varied from others. An Indian home looks for refrigerators with a larger fridge and smaller freezer space.

It was also observed that Indians seek a convertible refrigerator; a refrigerator that’s customizable and works as per their needs. Haier has launched two and three-door Convertible SBS refrigerators refrigerators in the 682 and 683 series to meet these requirements. In order to tackle the issue of space, Haier has designed fridge with 100% and 83% fridge spacerespectively.

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The all-new three-door 683 series comes with a definite space of 62% that can be increased up to 83% fridge space. It also provides 17% freezer space after conversion. Furthermore, the 682 series is a two-door refrigerator that can be entirely converted into a fridge to offer 100% fridge space.

Want only fridge space? Or want more fridge space along with lesser freezer area? Everything is possible! The new-convertible series helps in adjusting the refrigerator according to customer needs. For people who have been compelled to buy conventional TM for more space, Haier's SBS 682 and 683 series comes with a convertible TM that provides more space to fulfill your requirements. What’s amazing? More than half of the fridge section in the new SBS series is at eye level that helps people to avoid bending. 


That’s not it! The SBS-series comes loaded with world-class features- Deo Fresh Technology that keeps the food fresh up to 21 days* along with 360-Degree Cooling, Jumbo Ice Maker, Additional Door Racks, Expert Inverter Technology, Magic Convertible Technology to help regulate the temperature as per your requirements, Smart Wi-Fi Connectivity** to offer convenient usage, and much more. Also, it comes in multiple aesthetic appearances that complement the Indian kitchen space.

The Haier SBS Refrigerator series is the best choice for people looking for better and convenient living. It’s an environmental-friendly product that’s designed to offer great features, unrivaled experiences, and a never-ending space to store your big love for food! Wait no more, bring home India’s Wonder Refrigerator!

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