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Refrigerator Buying Guide - Choose the Right Fridge Capacity

04-28 2022

Choosing the right size and capacity is the most important of the many things to look for when buying a fridge. This article deals with the factors you can consider while zeroing on buying a fridge of the right storage capacity.

Buying Refrigerator? Know the Right Capacity First

From bulky monotonous cooling machines to stylish and elegant cooling solutions reflecting the owner's aesthetic taste, modern refrigerators have come a long way from their yesteryear avatars. Customers today are pampered with plenty of choices in terms of features and capacity. While features are important, it's vital to start narrowing down the fridge as per your storage capacity requirements.

Step 1- Determine the Refrigerator Capacity Based on Family Size

The number of individuals plays a crucial role in determining the right fridge capacity. For instance, a small fridge with a capacity up to 200 litres can be enough for a family of two. Whereas a larger family size can consider a bigger capacity refrigerator even if it costs slightly more. On the other hand, a single person living in a rented apartment may either choose a single door refrigerator or even a minifridge based on the utility of the appliance.

The following table can be used as a ready reckoner to decide the required fridge capacity.

Size of FamilyDesired Refrigerator Capacity (in Litres)
Single person or coupleUp to 200
Family of 3-4 members250 to 300
Family of 4-5 members300 to 350
Family of 6 or more members400 and above
Step 2- Determine the Refrigerator Type Based on Fridge Capacity
Desired Refrigerator Capacity (in Litres)Refrigerator Options
Up to 200- Mini Fridge- Single-door (Direct Cool) Refrigerator
250 to 300

- Double-Door Top Mounted and Bottom Mounted Refrigerator

- Side By Side refrigerator

300 to 350

- Big Capacity Top Mounted and Bottom Mounted Refrigerators,

- Side By Side Refrigerator (2-door, 3-door)

400 and above

- Side By Side Refrigerator

- French or 4 Door Rerigerator 

After you’ve determined the storage capacity of the refrigerator, you can now ask yourself which refrigerator type should I buy? There are many types of refrigerators available today in the market, based on their aesthetics and functionality.

The following table can be used to purchase the right type of fridge.


Finally, while kitchen space is an essential consideration in choosing a suitable fridge for your home, if you have space constraints in the kitchen or you want to lavishly showcase your refrigerator anywhere but in the kitchen, you can also use the space in your living room or the dining area to keep your fridge. The modern French door and Side-by-Side fridge models sport a stylish and elegant design and come in a wide range of colour options to suit your home décor. It is all about the smart placement of the fridge to enhance the room's aesthetic appeal.

Apart from the space, consider your daily usage, budget, dietary preference, capacity, necessary features, etc., and make the right choice accordingly.

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