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Haier Google Smart LED - More Than Just A TV

12-18 2019

The Daily Grind

It’s a cold winter morning. And you’ve just woken up. You sit up in bed, let out a yawn and stretch your arms out a bit. The first thought in your head is, ‘I have a lot of things to do. And very little time to do it.’ That’s a thought which dampens your spirits early in the day.

Conversely, even on a hot summer day, the thought of all the things you have to manage throughout the day – whether it is your work or personal plans – has much likelihood of slowing you down than speeding you up. Too much to do in too little time can make you want to stop, grab your head, scream in frustration and long for the safety of your bed again.

But does it all have to be so frustrating? Does it have to be a struggle to put your laundry in the washing machine and switch it on, or to switch on the TV and get some news, or to plan your day out before you proceed? Does switching your appliances on and off have to be an arduous task that takes away from your time?

Could it be that all the technology you surround yourself with to make your life comfortable, is actually making it more difficult? Does it have to be so?

A Big Screen in Your Living Room

Step away from the enormity of this question of technology and focus on just one thing: your Television. When you were a kid, science fiction cartoons gave you dreams of having a big screen through which you could communicate with other people, or through which you could control everything in your surroundings.

The personal computer, the mobile phone and the internet did make these things possible by the time you grew up. But there was still something missing. It felt like too much effort for too little. Sure, you could pause live TV or pick and choose your favourite content – the magic of streaming. But was that all? There had to be something more.

Well, now there is. What if we told you that you could not only cast your phone content on your TV or browse and pick your favourite content on the TV, but also control your house from it? What if you could plan your entire day, and sync your other appliances and devices, all from one control center? What if you could make a wish out loud, for your favourite song or movie and then it started playing?

And what if we told you, you could do it all through your TV?

A Smart Vision for A Comfortable Life

The Haier Google Smart LED TV has been designed to take your home-life into the future, and not just your entertainment. The built-in AI assistant allows you to manage all your IoT-enabled devices – whether LED lights or your AC – from your TV screen. You can set the timer for your IoT devices to be activated or de-activated when needed. You can plan your entire day’s requirements from one spot with the help of the AI assistant. Planning a romantic dinner date at home? Or a big house party for all your friends and family? Need to set the Microwave Oven for heating your meal in advance? The AI assistant can help you plan and make it all happen in, managing things smoothly for you.

The best part is you can activate all of these features with Voice Command!

And of course, it is still a TV at its core. You can browse through your favourite content online, cast your phone’s content on the TV screen or just watch regular TV, through the magic of 4K HDR – with picture quality that makes you feel like you’re not just watching TV, but looking through a window into an alternate reality. And all of this run smoothly by the onboard Google Android 9.0.

The Haier Google Smart LED TV doesn’t force you to change your habits and requirements. It enables you to fulfil those requirements with ease, leaving you with more time to actually live your life instead of just planning it.

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