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What Is An OLED TV, & Should You Buy An OLED TV In 2022?

04-21 2022

Shopping for a new Smart TV should be fun and exciting. But today, the Smart TV market is fast evolving and crowded with many options. There are a plethora of factors to consider while finalizing your new Smart TV - list of smart features, display quality, sound effects, warranty and serviceability, price, customer reviews, etc. 

The display panel is one of the most crucial elements to consider while choosing your TV. During your search, you are likely to come across new tech terms such as LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED based on the TV's display panel. Each of these TV display panels would claim to have a cutting-edge tech promising the best picture quality with natural colours, superior backlight, higher contrast, and more.

So, you must do your homework to understand each of these terms to help you make the right decision based on your preferences and budget.

For most of us, it's a daunting task to decipher the jargon and understand the key differences between them. Our TV Tech experts at Haier have created this brief guide to deciding which TV technology is best suited for you.

Make a Smart Choice for Your Next Smart TV 

Whether you should buy an OLED TV, the answer depends on a few factors that are dependent on your personal preferences. OLED TVs have their own strong points, and it all comes down ultimately to your requirements and preferences. Whether you like bright, saturated colours or natural tones, the viewing area set up in your room, and whether you are more likely to watch cable TV or digital content – all these are factors that will influence your choice. Budget constraints need to be considered as well. Before we look at some of the advantages OLED technology offers, let’s understand what it is really about.

What Is An OLED TV?

OLED TVs function on a rapidly evolving display technology called OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes). Without going too much into the science behind how OLED technology works. An OLED can be considered as a form of LED where the light is emitted by “organic” molecules. OLEDs enable displays that feature high contrast, bright colours, superior energy efficiency, high refresh rates, and resolutions. OLEDs have firmly established their position in the industry as a high-performance TV technology that offers the absolute best in picture quality. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have revolutionized modern electronics; with the OLED display technology seeing a lot of innovations in the past several years, it’s not difficult to see this display technology dominating the display market in the near future.

Why Should You Buy An OLED TV?

Let’s look at some of the advantages of OLED TV to help you make an informed and smart choice.

 Perfect pitch black & infinite contrast ratio for a fantastic night-time viewing experience

Black levels and brightness define the quality of a TV's picture. Both become crucial elements when displaying the expanded contrast range of HDR quality of content. The current OLED technology has given OLED TVs that are brighter than ever before

OLEDs deliver an amazing and pitch-black experience. The OLED technology allows the pixels to light themselves independently. So, the pixels can completely shut off to produce a pure pitch black.

With 4K resolution and millions of self-illuminating pixels, an OLED TV delivers exceptionally realistic pictures with deepest pure blacks for an immersive viewing experience and can produce much higher picture contrast levels. You get no blooming effects or displeasing halos in an OLED TV.

Enjoy natural colours in their purest original form

 OLED TVs can deliver near-perfect colour accuracy with a wide range of colour gamuts required for HDR content. OLED TVs display more natural colours on the darker end of the spectrum.

The new Dolby Vision HDR Technology in OLED models gives a more expressive and immersive viewing experience. This technology, along with a vivid display of colours and intensive contrast, highlights the minutest of details.

You can go with the OLED TV if you are looking for rich, natural colour tones, especially in low-illuminated environments.

 Watching TV with friends? Go for wide viewing angles

 Watching a movie, cricket, or football match with friends and families? Then OLED is your choice.

OLED's self-illuminating pixel technology ensures that when you move sideways, the images don’t look washed out and distorted. OLED technology supports a wider view because of which you get perfect picture quality from every angle. The picture would also be colourful while watching an OLED TV sitting in front.

Factor the response time and motion blur for a better viewing/ gaming experience

OLED TV provides the fastest pixel response rates. You get to see the effect of faster response rates on TVs while watching a fast-paced action scene or a car-chasing scene or while gaming.

For simplicity, response time is the time taken by one pixel to switch from one colour to another colour. OLED display technology, on average, has a very low response time of 0.2 ms only. Therefore, OLED technology can deliver you a super-fast gaming experience. OLEDs can achieve this because of their underlying tech capability of turning on and off each pixel individually.

So, OLEDs will deliver you more precise and sharper images during gaming and fast-paced scenes. In addition, it also adds frames to videos with a low frame rate and improves picture quality, thus offering the best gaming experience.

Enjoy your action movies and gaming with an OLED TV at home.

Thinner, Lighter and a beautiful Bezel-Less Design

OLEDs bezel-less design would surely captivate you at first glance that will aesthetically complement your home décor. Since OLEDs don't require a separate backlight, the panel is very sleek and has a 2.5 - 4.5 mm thickness.

Level up with an OLED TV

OLED TVs are also known for higher energy efficiency, overall lifespan, and durability.

For an unforgettable immersive picture quality experience, OLED TVs are your best bet because they are equipped with an aesthetic slender design, wide viewing angles, a Dolby Atmos technology and superior colour quality, therefore, ticking all the boxes of a true entertainment unit.

Which OLED TV Should You Buy?

Now, if you are convinced about the superiority of performance, picture quality and aesthetic value of an OLED TV, you might be wondering about which brand should you consider and given that there are some well-known brands playing in the market in the OLED category, we suggest that you do your further research on this and zero down one brand that best suit your necessities and preferences.

Haier has one of the top-rated OLED TVs in the Indian market today, which you should check out.

Introducing Haier’s 65'' OLED Android Smart LED TV

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-21 at 12.50.41 PM

Haier launched its latest 65-inch OLED model in Mar’22 for the Indian market. It lives on its promise of delivering an amazing wide-angle viewing experience, theatre-like sound quality, and smart features set with its ultra-slim bezel-less design.

The model supports 3840*2160 pixels, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and a MEMC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) feature that reduces ghosting, motion jitters, and picture tailing to enhance the viewing quality of fast-paced scenes and gaming experiences. The viewing experience is further enhanced by Dolby Vision technology. The smart TV comes with Dolby Atmos to give you home-theatre-like sound quality and far-field voice assistance for controlling your TV and other smart devices at your home through your TV.

It's one of the best OLED TV in the market today equipped with top-end features specially designed to provide you with a viewing experience that leaves you astonished. To know more about the model, you can visit https://www.haier.com/in/tvs/oled-android-smart-led-65-inches-hs5s9ugpro.shtml

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