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08-20 2021

Introducing Haier S8 LED TV, a way to experience #BeautyBeyondVision

Today, the flat screen on the wall is capable of doing much more than just playing content.

With the launch of the all-new Haier S8 LED TV, Haier continues its dominance in the Home Appliance Industry. Capable of extreme realism and unique design this LED TV promises to give you a viewing experience like no other!

Check out its extraordinary features below.

Display: Does 4K get even better?

Yes!  Welcome to the center of the action with breathtaking 4K Ultra HD resolution.

There's never been a better time to redefine your viewing experience in an upscale 4K promise. With features like Wide Colour Gamut, the high dynamic range of the new Haier S8 LED TV offers unmatched brightness and brilliant contrast making your movie time more than just incredible.

H65S6UG-Front withBackshot

Design: It gets better

Imagine being a part of the action. That's how immersive this TV looks!

Designed to put the spotlight on your content and complement your home’s interior, this smart TV boasts a bezel-less screen and an Ultra-Slim Design packed in a gorgeous premium metal frame. Talk about infinity display, it truly is #BeautyBeyondVision.

 Outstanding Audio: Can you feel the sound?

No home entertainment system can deliver an extraordinary experience without proper sound quality. Just like in a movie theater or a stadium, sound plays an important role in immersing the audience.

Pair the spectacular picture quality of the best-LED TV with fantastic sound output and you get yourselves the Haier S8 LED TV. Enjoy theatre-like sound action through 6 Speakers with 30W sound output.

Packed with an unorthodox Front Speaker Design and the Dolby Digital Decoder, the Haier S8 is ready to take you on an audio adventure! 

H65S6UG-Perspective  with Backshot


Experience more possibilities with intelligent features

With a bounty of smart functions packed into a gorgeous interface; the Haier S8 LED TV is as smart as a smart TV can get. Loaded with features such as

•   Android Devices IoT Hub

•   Google Chromecast Built-in

•   Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

•   Mobile Remote Control

•   Hot Keys - Netflix, YouTube

•   Bluetooth 5.0

•   Google Certified Android 9.0

The new Haier S8 LED TV is here to make a difference, change your viewing experience, and offer a life-like experience you never had before!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make your entertainment sessions truly beautiful and a whole lot better.

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