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Side by Side Refrigerator from Haier | India’s New Wonder

10-20 2021

Imagine a refrigerator with space to fit everything you want, has super cooling power, is smart and environmental-friendly, and operates as per your needs. Well, you can stop imagining because Haier has made your dreams a reality with the 3-Door Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator.


‘Made in India and Made for India’, the brand-new appliance is one of a kind side by side refrigerator with 83% fridge space. Designed for the Indian markets, the convertible SBS Series caters to all your needs by providing a bigger refrigerator section and helps you stock your favorite food items to your heart’s content. HRT-628KG右侧01


It’s specially made to make you happy! The Haier Side by Side Refrigerator is also integrated with Deo Fresh Technology. Offering 360-degree cooling, it keeps our eatables fresh from Day 1 to Day 21. To enhance your experience further, it also gives you the freedom to personalize its settings, temperature, or space at your convenience. 

That’s not it! These refrigerators are equipped with Auto Smart Connect Technology that helps connect them to home invertors conveniently. The Haier side-by-side fridge is exceptionally silent. With its high-durability compressor, the new range is exceptionally noiseless and sets a peaceful ambiance for your home.


If you’re still looking for reasons to buy a Side-by-Side Refrigerator, there are more! With a fresh box, a jumbo ice maker, five-door pockets, and more, it allows for additional vegetables, beverages, and cold food items to be stored fresh for a long time. With its magic convertible technology, it also helps you regulate the temperature ranging from -18C to 5C as per the requirement of your food.

The new range boasts smart Wi-Fi Connectivity and is true to its promise of providing a convenient experience to its user. Another important feature of Haier's Side by Side Refrigerator is based on its environmental consciousness. Installed with environment-friendly refrigerant gas, the Side-by-Side series is agreeable towards the ecosystem and truly supports the green initiatives of our planet. 

The Side-by-Side Refrigerator is another one of Haier’s extraordinary products that combine world-class technology, unparalleled experience, and great features in one. With its ultimate refrigerator space, India’s first three-door Convertible SBS Refrigerator is a perfect paradise for homes looking for nothing but the best in the market. 

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