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Open Your Doors to Magic with India’s 1st 3-Door Convertible Side By Side Refrigerators

03-21 2022

Over the past decade, India has grown leaps and bounds on its journey to become an ‘aatmanirbhar’ or self-reliant economy. Goods and services are increasingly made by the people of India, for the people of India. Today, Haier India too is proud to be a part of this journey, launching a home appliance unlike any other.

Introducing India’s first 3-door, side-by-side convertible refrigerator – Made in India and Made for India. Available in four unique patterns – the classic Black Glass, the sleek Inox Steel, the magical Floret Glass, and the bold Granite Glass, the all-new SBS refrigerator series offers the best of technology and design, built for everyday use.


If the one-of-a-kind 3-door design isn’t enough to catch your eye, take a look at some of the other cool features of this side-by-side convertible refrigerator:

1.83% Fridge Space – If you are ever in need of more cooling and freshness than your standard fridge space, look no further. This new range of Made in India and Made for India refrigerators comes with an 83% fridge space, giving you ample cool storage.

2.Convertible Magic Zone – Not just more space, this refrigerator also gives you the power to set different temperatures for different cooling zones. With the Convertible Magic Zone, you can now regulate temperatures ranging from 18°C to –5°C.

3.Expert Inverter Technology – Haier's expert inverter technology provides a 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor and fan motor, giving you complete peace of mind. Not just that, the technology is also energy saving and the compressor makes much less noise too!

4.Deo Fresh Technology – The unique 3-door refrigerator comes with the magical cooling of deo fresh technology, giving you 360° cooling with 21 days of freshness intact. It keeps your veggies clean and green, and fruits cool and crunchy, amongst other things.

5.Jumbo Ice Maker – There won’t be a better time than the summers to own a refrigerator that produces ice whenever you need. What’s more? You can also make more space as per your requirement by detaching the ice maker.

 Available with a gross capacity of 628 liters, India’s first 3-door SBS convertible refrigerator is the perfect fit for families who eat together and stay together! Think big, own bigger with Haier’s all-new range of SBS refrigerators.

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