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Quarantined With Haier's Smart TV

04-16 2020

For some people, especially those having a hectic schedule or who commute for hours to reach their workplace, it has always been a dream to stay at home. But there is going to be a point where they will get bored.  When they have probably tried everything like, relaxing in bed all day, catching up with old pals & using their cell phones, and realizing that nothing new is happening on their news feed on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The next thing they will do to kill their boredom is turning on the TV. Soon they will realize that there’s no new content available. What to do now?

Here's when Haier’s Smart TV comes to the rescue.

Haier’s Smart TVs are equipped with Google-certified Android Operating System 9.0. One can access the internet and a large number of applications that offer movies, TV series, and music. You can make use of all the video streaming apps to pass your time and maybe even watch that one TV show or movie you always loved, that too on repeat.

The best part is that there is content available for every age group. From science fiction movies, shows to cartoons; be it a kid or an adult, anyone can watch, enjoy & pass their day.

Apart from Google-certified Android, The Haier Smart TV comes with Google Assistant voice built-in button. Whenever you don’t feel like moving or completely tired because of trying to strike a balance between household chores & work from home, or a bit lethargic, just press the “Voice control” button and say what you want to do next and let the Haier Google Android Smart LED TV to take care of the rest.

You can also use this Smart TV as an IOT hub for all your other devices by simply adding the Smart Home Device to your google account. This will allow you to control the other IoT-based devices in your home such as your lights, air conditioners, etc.

That’s not all.

When it comes to picture quality, one of the most important aspects, you can undoubtedly rely on Haier. Haier’s K6600GA Android TV model comes with a bezel-less design and supports (HDR-10) HDR decoding. On the other hand, U6900HQGA (Google Smart) model supports 4K HDR picture quality.

The High Dynamic Range provides incredible color, improved brightness, and outstanding contrast details producing more realistic pictures for the ultimate entertainment experience one always desired.

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