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Your guide to buy the best Refrigerator: Top Mount or Bottom Mount?

05-20 2021

The sprawling choices in the market has left us confused! Like many others, if you too are finding it hard to know the difference and ultimately which is a better choice amongst Bottom Mounted Refrigerators and Top Mount Refrigerators, you have arrived at the right place.

The modern homes and its ever-engaging lifestyle have paved way to the need of advanced refrigerators. The kitchens in today’s time have brought us to many culinary wonderments. While it is the kitchen that prepares the delicacies, but it is the refrigerator that stores and preserves the ingredients and everything you need to prepare your culinary marvel. Needless to say, the freshness of your ingredient decides the taste and purity in your meals.

The bottom and Top mount refrigerators are amongst the most popular segments for refrigerators. To decide which one is the best for your home and will suit your list of requirements, is what calls for discussion. 

Let us talk about the Top Mount Refrigerators,

To tell you a simple and easy to recall references, when you think of a conventional fridge, there is a good chance that you are picturising a Top Mount Refrigerators. These appliances are also known as top freezer refrigerators. It comprises of a larger compartment followed by a mini compartment that is the freezer. These compact-sized refrigerators are typically 30 inches wide (approx) with wider doors and wide internal storage. There is a wide array of capacity, patterns and price range available in these models. If you are interested in giving your home a contemporary feel, you might want to purchase for yourself a built-in top mount refrigerator. They are a budget friendly choice ideal for almost every house.


Now let us turn towardsBottom Mount Refrigerators,

Bottom freezer refrigerators or better known as bottom mount refrigerators go just as the name suggests. They have a fridge compartment on top followed by freezer at the bottom. These units give a much easier access to fresh and raw materials. The spacious freezers are larger than the top mount refrigerators. These models are available both in built in design and free standing that allows you to use your kitchen space in the most contemporary manner.

The ease of space and user-friendly design, makes the bottom mount refrigerators an ideal choice for many. BMR also helps reduce the bending of the back up to 90% as compared to other conventional refrigerators. These units are a little on the expensive side due to their ultra-modern design.


It is quite evident that each choice that market spreads in front of us is a work of aggressive research. It all depends upon what you prefer and what suits you the most. What is your preference might be someone else’s only option. It is best to go by your requirements from a refrigerator in the order of importance. Haier offers a range of refrigerators with vivid designs and features that makes it one of the most purchased choice for refrigerators in India.

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