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Winters Made Better With Haier Spa Electra Water Heaters

12-20 2021

“My favorite me-time activity", “a guilty pleasure”, “luxury at home”, “stress-buster”, are some of the common phrases used by all to describe a nice hot water bath or shower. Couple it with the ongoing cold, winter weather, our daily shower is nothing short of a calming bathing experience – only if it’s at the right temperature and hits the warm, fuzzy feels perfectly!


Unknown to us, here’s where water heaters in India play a crucial role to ensure that our daily baths are not only suited for relaxation, but also take care of our safety. Haier Water Heaters and their new Spa Electra range are built to suit our every need, inside-out. Here’s how:

1.      No shocks, only surprises:

With its patent shock proof technology, Haier Spa Electra are the only electric water heaters that ensure our safety in all conditions. With 90 million+ installations, Haier has a record 0% accident rate.

2.      Healthy and Hygienic:

A premium feature of the Spa Electra Water Heater is its Intelligent Bacteria Proof System (iBPS) which heats the water to its highest value. This technology helps kill bacteria that is harmful to our hair and skin and ensures a hygienic shower. Extremely valuable for the current times we live in!

3.      Customized for you:

This shock-proof water heater comes with a Smart Wi-Fi Technology that tracks user behavior for temperature control. We can also schedule our bath time and manage many other features of the heater via our smartphone!

4.      Built to last:

The state-of-the-art Spa Electra range of water heaters come with a unique three-layer Ultra Micro Coating tank in line with the German DIN standard. The special extra-thick steel sheet helps to increase its life span. 

Now that we’ve got all the facts on the Haier Water Heater Spa Electra range, it’s safe to say this quality water heater is one of the best water heaters in India. Not just that, its sleek design and wide range of available capacities, makes for the perfect winter bathing experience, don’t you think?