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Haier Android Smart TV: The Next Big Thing

02-25 2020

Technology is constantly changing and advancing. As time goes on, we typically use and rely on it more and more and less on traditional methods. The advancing technology has undoubtedly made lives easier, better & smarter.

Smart TV, a gift of the advancing technology, is a technological convergence of computers, television sets, and smartphones. Just like smartphones, smart TVs offer various internet-connected services which one can’t get from a standard television. Smart TVs provide a lot of benefits and probably that’s why they are the best-sellers in the TV industry at this point.

Why should Haier Android smart TV be your next buy?

Haier Google Android smart TV can bring more benefits than one can ever think of.

It’s equipped with Google-certified Android Operating System 9.0, enabled by Smart AI to operate your TV through voice control and through its IoT feature you can manage all other smart devices at your home with voice control as it becomes Hub for all smart connected devices. 

Looks are also one of the most important features one considers before purchasing a television. The Haier Google Android TV is available in 2 series; U6900 has an elegant diamond-cut metal frame slim design and K6600 comes with a bezel-less slim design.

Apart from its elegant appearance, the HDR feature in the TV displays more realistic pictures by enhancing contrast, brightness and colour effect. The Haier Smart TV comes with Google Play Store where you can access all Google-certified TV applications like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix where you can watch amazing content and videos on video streaming apps to browsing the internet, viewing web pages, playing games, etc.  


The Haier Smart TV is a complete entertainment package. The voice control is an extremely cool feature one can use anytime. The Haier Smart TV Bluetooth Remote comes with Google Assistant voice built-in button, just press the “Voice control” button on the remote and say what you want to do and let the Haier Google Android Smart LED TV follow your command. The TV comes with built-in Chromecast and Bluetooth which wirelessly connects your devices through Bluetooth to the Haier smart TV.

Apart from this, there is a lot more to explore in the Haier smart TV. Next time you think of buying a smart TV, Haier Google Android smart TV would be your best choice in terms of viewing experience and exploring the latest applications through Voice command.

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