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    Combi-Cooking Microwave Oven for Baking & Browning


    • Auto cook menus
      Auto cook menus
    • Quartz grill
      Quartz grill
    • 5 power level
      5 power level
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    • Colour
    • Total Capacity
    • Bake Wattage
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      Indian Menu
      Now you can cook Indian menus specially designed based on various regional food habits. Recipes are from all regions of India just a click away.
      In this function, both Cooking & Browning; Cooking & baking; Browning & Baking can be done simultaneously.
      Regional Recipes
      These are the auto cook menus specially designed based on various regional food habits. Recipes are from all regions of India.
      OIL FREE Menu
      The Recipes & Autocook menus have been developed using less oil / no oil. With the touch of a button, all your favorite dishes can be prepared in a healthy way.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Capacity (litres)":"28 LITER"},{"Control System":"Electronic"},{"Grill":"Yes"},{"Colour":""},{"Cavity":",,Stainless Steel"},{"Built-in Frame":""},{"Net Width x Height x Depth (cm)":"518X509X324"},{"Gross Width x Height x Depth (cm)":"575X550X375"},{"Net Weight / Gross Weight (kg)":"17.7/18.4"}],"name":"General Specifications"},{"Field":[{"Nominal Power microwave":"1000W"},{"Nominal Power grill":"1000W"},{"Nominal Power convection":"1300W"},{"Microwave Power levels":"5"},{"Grill Power levels":""},{"Convection function":"Yes"},{"Steam Function":"No"},{"Auto-cook programs":"40"},{"Door release":",Handle"}],"name":"Other Features"}]}

      User Guides

      File Name User Manual
      Update Date 2019-09-02
      File Size 3.08MB
      Disclaimer: Design, features and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

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