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How to Choose the Right Washing Machine Capacity - A Guide

09-14 2022

Buying a washing machine can be an overwhelming task if you have to choose from a wide range of preferences such as features, capacity, size, load type, etc. But the task becomes a lot easier when you are aware of your exact requirements, especially when it comes to picking the right capacity. If you pick a smaller washing machine than you need, you may have to run multiple cycles to wash your laundry. And, if you choose a bigger machine, you may waste water, detergent, and electricity every time you run an entire cycle. So, how to select a washing machine with a suitable capacity? Here is a complete guide.

Washing Machine Capacity – What does it Mean?

 To choose the right washing machine for your family, you must first understand what is the washing capacity in kgs? What does it imply? When you compare different models, you will invariably come across the term ‘load capacity.’ It simply means the maximum amount of clothes you can wash in the machine in one cycle. The higher the load capacity of the washing machine, the higher the machine’s weight and running cost. 

Measuring the washing machine capacity

 If you are wondering about the right way to measure the load capacity of the washing machine, remember the rule of thumb. The load capacity of the washing machine is always measured based on the weight of the dry clothes. So, if the washing machine has a 7kg washing capacity, you can load up to 7kg of dry laundry for cleaning. 

Choosing the right washing machine for your family

The most effective way to determine the right load capacity of the washing machine for your family is to weigh the average load of the laundry you wash in one cycle. This may sound obscure, but it is a handy tip that works! Once you know this, you can look for a washing machine with a suitable load capacity.

If you live in a joint family, you may need a bigger washing machine with a higher load capacity to wash the laundry of all the family members in one go. You can consider buying a 10kg machine.

The following table will give you a better understanding of the washing machine capacity

Washing Machine Size

Suitable for (Family size)

Washing Capacity

6 – 6.5 kg

Family of 2-3 members

20 clothes, including shirts, trousers (2 each),   bath towels, hand towels, pillow covers (2 each), 1 large bedsheet

6.5 – 7 Kg

Family of 4-6 members

30-35 clothes, including shirts, denims,   children’s jeans (2 pairs each), bath towels, pillow covers (2 each), and 2   bedsheets

7 – 8 kg

Family of 6-8 members

40 clothes, including shirts, adult denims (3   pairs each), small towels, pillow covers, bath towels (3 each), and 2   bedsheets

10 kg

Family of 8+ members

50 clothes, including shirt, adult denims (4 pairs   each), small towels, bath towels, pillow covers (4 each), and 3 bedsheets

Consider the dimensions

Apart from considering the load capacity of the washing machine, you must be aware of the dimensions or the size of the washer. The washing machine you buy must perfectly fit within the allocated space. 

If you have limited space in your home for a washing machine, a top load washing machine would be an ideal choice as they have a sleek design than a front loader of the same capacity. To make the right choice, it is better to measure the space in your home, note down the dimension and look for a washing machine that fits within that space. 

Make sure that you measure the space precisely as even a difference of a couple of millimeters can cause problems while placing the washing machine in its designated space. Whether you buy a front-loading machine or a top-loading one, make sure that there is enough space to open the machine’s door. You must be able to load the laundry and take out the washed clothes comfortably.

Also, it is better to leave a breathing space of at least 2.5 mm on all sides of the washer. This helps in preventing overheating of the machine.

Apart from the above factors, you must also consider the washing machine’s energy efficiency, the washing functionality (fully-automatic or semi-automatic), load type (front load or top load), and the washing programs available. 

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