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Haier Self Cleaning AC: Perfect Companion to Beat the Summer Heat

06-19 2020

The scorching heat of the summer is upon us and it is inevitable to imagine life without the quality cooling of an AC. In the bid to give our consumers the best cooling experience, Haier has a range of the best air conditioners in India.

It is a valiant fact that in the current crisis, consumers are faced with the adverse challenge of not only using AC but also ensuring its proper time to time cleaning and maintenance.

To give you the experience of the best air conditioners, Haier has leaped ahead of the competition and emerged as the market leader in the segment of AC’s that have the facility of “Self-Clean Inverter Technology”.

What is Self-Clean Inverter Technology?

Self-Clean Inverter Technology is a Haier patented technology, which elevates your experience of using the best split air conditioner out there in the market.

The technology quintessentially allows you to clean the evaporator of the split air conditioner, without any hassle whatsoever. This task can be performed by the simple click of a button, giving you the luxury of enjoying utmost cooling with the easiness of utilising Self-Clean Inverter Technology. This makes Haier AC’s best split air conditioner.

What are the benefits of Self-Clean Inverter Technology?

With the mechanism of patented inverse-balance cleaning technology, Haier AC’s are equipped to self-clean themselves. In high-temperature environments, particularly in Indian summers - where dust and accumulation of bacteria is a major issue, this technology is a savior.

The self-cleaning is carried out by the AC through defrosting, frosting, cold expansion & the mechanism to strip off all the dirt that gets entered inside the machine.

The double ion sterilization technique tends to clean the residual dirt and bacteria that get stored in the fans & air ducts. If left uncleaned, this tends to severely impact the cooling of the AC. With double ion sterilization, not only do the Haier AC’s self-clean but clean at the bactericide rate of 99%.

Why is self-cleaning important in an AC?

Living midst, the times of a pandemic, the onus of using an AC that does not just perform but performs with features that enable self-cleaning is a major added advantage.

Haier AC’s Self-Clean Inverter Technology allows you to experience cooling that gives you the comfort of natural wind. Haier AC’s follow the orderly of transforming mechanical air into the random wind.

With a plethora of AC’s available in the market, Haier AC’s differentiate themselves from the competition with the pivotal technology of self-cleaning. Through this, not only are you assured of quality cooling but also an effective mechanism of being satisfied that the air you breathe in, is pure and to your utmost satisfaction.  

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