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Different Types of Air Conditioners - A Guide to Choosing the Best AC

04-07 2022

 This blog covers the different types of air conditioners available in the market and discusses valuable tips to make the right choice while buying an AC for your home. 

 The onset of summer evokes a plethora of emotions among Indians. While children eagerly look forward to their vacations, most adults await the arrival of the king of fruits – Mangoes. But, one thing that binds everyone is the feeling of escaping the excruciating heat.

The heat does not have to occlude you from living a comfortable life as you can have a protective shield in the form of an air conditioner. Let us look at the different types of ACs you can buy. 

Types of Air Conditioning System (AC) 

 Split AC

As the name suggests, Split AC consists of two units – an outdoor (mounted on the wall outside the home) and an indoor unit (mounted inside the home). The outdoor unit, which consists of a compressor and condenser, does the actual cooling, and the indoor unit, consisting of a blower, circulates the cool air in the room. 

 Features of Split ACs

  • Split ACs are more aesthetically pleasing than other models, and they are an ideal cooling system for rooms of all sizes and shapes. 

  • These units are highly energy efficient. Some of the models integrated with triple inverter plus technology promise up to 65% energy savings. 

  • The in-built air purifiers eliminate all kinds of pollutants and ensure you breathe clean air.

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Tower AC

Tower ACs are slowly becoming popular in India. The working of these units are similar to conventional ACs, but they come with an added advantage of portability. All the components are enclosed inside a single free-standing unit. You can literally take the cooling unit with you wherever you are sitting, provided the space has an electricity supply. 

Features of Tower AC

  • The high-performance compression and cooling system enable efficient cooling inside the room even when the outside temperature is as high as 60 degrees Celsius. 

  • The high-efficiency dual rotary compressor helps save more energy.

  • The anti-dust filter purifies the air, eliminates dirt and dust particles, and circulates clean, fresh air in the room. 

  • Some of the models come with Wi-Fi and voice control features.  


Duct AC

Duct ACs are suitable for large homes or commercial spaces that require cooling many rooms at once. Therefore, these ACs are ideal for supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. In a Duct AC, the air is treated in a central location and then circulated through fans and ducts into each room. These ACs are great for keeping large spaces at a uniform temperature.  

Features of Duct AC

  • The ceiling-mounted air conditioning ducts easily blend with the overall look and feel of the room décor. 

  • These units make zero to minimal noise that allows you to work and sleep peacefully without the annoying sound of the compressor. 

  • The multiple airflow options let your control the airflow to suit your specific needs. 

  • Duct ACs allow cooling your entire home/office at once with just a touch of a button. So, no more running around to a      different room to turn the AC on or off

5.5 TR Duct IDU

Cassette AC 

Cassette ACs are similar to conventional split ACs, except that the indoor unit is mounted on the ceiling. Also known as suspended ACs, the cassette ACs are ideal for small rooms with limited spaces or places where the construction architecture doesn't allow for installing a duct AC system. 

Features of Cassette AC

  • ·Due to their high airflow, these units can cool the room faster than conventional wall-mounted split AC with the same tonnage.

  • ·The large diameter of the fan ensures increased airflow as against the conventional units.

  • ·Some models have a Round Way Air Flow technology, which ensures uniform cooling across the room with no hot spots

  • ·Most Cassette AC units have self-clean technology that cleans dust, kills bacteria and circulates clean, pure and fresh air inside the room.

Cassette IDU

Heat Pump

Heat Pump Tower ACs work both as a cooling and heating system. The system absorbs heat inside the room during the summers and sends it outside. In winter, the system provides warmth inside the room by absorbing the heat from outside and moving it inside.

Features of Heat Pump 

  • Heat Pump Tower AC has a superior design that is a cynosure to the eye. 

  • These units are equipped with attractive features like child lock function, sleep and dry mode.

  • The wide-angle 3D Airflow technology allows airflow up to 15 m long. 

  • The self-clean technology kills bacteria and cleans dust, ensuring better IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and healthy air  all-around your home.

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Air Conditioner

 While choosing the best air conditioner, you must weigh your options based on the following parameters.


The budget is the foremost important factor for most price-conscious consumers. Know your exact needs and choose an AC unit that serves the purpose and fits within your budget. For instance, it would be unwise to shell out more money to get a duct AC when a less expensive split AC can fulfill your requirements.  

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an AC is measured in tonnage. A 2-Ton AC has more cooling capacity than a 1.5 Ton AC. You should consider the room size to determine how much cooling capacity you need. A 1 Ton AC would be enough for a small room. So, choose the suitable unit with appropriate CC based on the size of the room. 

BEE Star Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) of the Government of India awards star ratings to all electrical appliances to help the customer understand energy efficiency. A higher star rating means more energy efficiency. 

For example, a 5-star 1.5 Ton AC consumes less electricity than a 3-star 1.5 Ton AC for the same usage, resulting in lesser energy consumption.

Ease of Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to a long and trouble-free functioning of an AC unit. Therefore, you should carefully consider the space you have and subsequently determine the type of AC that can be easy to maintain. If you choose a split AC, you should install the outdoor unit in an area that allows easy access to the unit for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Summers are inevitable, but the summer heat is avoidable. So, this summer, say goodbye to the summer-related maladies, and bring home an AC. And, while buying an AC for your home or office, consider the above factors, and make an informed choice. Choose a suitable AC and breeze through the summers.

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