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Tips to Make Your AC Cool Faster - Beat the Summer Heat

04-13 2022

“Dear summer, please stop showing off. We know you are hot, literally.” – Unknown

We all resonate with the above quote during the hot Indian summers, don’t we? As the summers in India are getting hotter every year, an air conditioner has become a must-have appliance. With technological advancements, the modern-day ACs are equipped with innovative features and components, ranging from season-based cooling modes to dust-free filters for optimum cooling.

However, buying or owning an AC is only half the battle won. When the hot summer days roll, there can be nothing more inconvenient and bothersome than an inefficient air conditioning unit that does not cool your home enough. Keeping the AC running all day can be tempting, but that is impractical and may skyrocket your energy bills.

5 Effective Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your AC

You must keep a few things in mind to ensure that your AC works efficiently and cools your room faster. The following tips will be useful.

Choose the right type of AC 

There is no one-size-fits-all type of AC. Each room needs a specific kind of unit, based on the size. The room size directly affects an AC's cooling capacity. An AC's cooling capacity is measured in tonnage. For example, a 2-ton AC has a greater cooling capacity than a 1-ton AC. The following table shows the suitable AC capacity as per room size. 

Room size (in sq. ft)

AC Capacity (in   tons)

Up to 80


Up to 100


Up to 150


Up to 200


So, while buying a new AC, you must be careful about choosing the correct model and type. Measure your room size, and check if the AC is the right fit. If not, it is better to replace it with a bigger and better unit to ensure quicker cooling.

 ●Service your AC regularly

The outdoor AC unit keeps accumulating dirt and dust all around the year. Considering the Indian climate, an air conditioner can remain unused for seven to eight months, accelerating dirt accumulation. This can affect the cooling performance of your AC or, worse, potentially cause irreversible damages. 

Therefore, it is advisable to get your AC serviced by a qualified technician before the summer season begins and at least once every three-four months throughout the year. This simple step will go a long way in keeping your AC performing efficiently throughout the season, and you can be sure that your rooms get cooler faster.

Keep the filters clean and replace them promptly 

The air filters in the AC prevent the dust and allergens from circulating inside your home and ensure that you always breathe cool and fresh air. However, the dust and dirt get accumulated over time as you keep the unit on. 

If left uncleaned for long, it can affect the cooling and prevent it from working efficiently. Not to mention, you may have to keep the unit running for long hours, leading to high energy usage. Hence, you must clean the filters every few weeks to ensure the AC’s optimum performance throughout the season.

  Maintain the right AC temperature 

As they say, keep it steady. It is better to maintain a constant temperature rather than blasting the AC at full chill mode for a short while and increasing the temperature subsequently. According to BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), resetting the temperature to 24 degrees Celsius can help reduce your energy consumption by up to 24%.

As mandated by the Ministry of Power, Government of India, all AC manufacturers must fix the default temperature setting at 24°C. So, it is better to set the right temperature at about 24-25 degrees Celsius. This will help in cooling the room faster.  

Use Preventive Shading Over Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of an AC is sturdily built to withstand extreme temperature variations. Still, a protective shade over the outdoor unit can prevent it from bird droppings, stains, and other effects of heat. 

However, take care not to hinder the airflow while installing the shade as it may affect its cooling capacity. 

Other things you can do to make your AC cool the room faster

When you keep the AC on, ensure that the doors and windows in the room are closed tightly. Also, it is advisable to avoid opening and shutting the door frequently to prevent the cool air from escaping the room.

You can also consider having blinds or curtains over the windows to prevent the sunlight from directly entering the room. Check the room thoroughly and seal the holes in between the window frames to prevent air leakage.

You can consider deploying an auto-close mechanism for the door. Moreover, ensure to cover up the ventilators as well. These simple steps will help the AC cool the room faster.

  • Try to keep the lights and exhaust off 

The traditional bulbs and fluorescent tube lights emit heat in the room. This may have an impact on the AC’s cooling. Hence, it is advisable to turn off the lights to decrease the heat level in the room so that the AC cools the room faster.

You can consider replacing the old lights with modern LED bulbs that exude negligible heat compared to traditional bulbs.

Also, turn off the exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms so that the cool air is not sucked away. This will aid the AC to keep the cool air circulating within and cool the room faster. 

Air conditioners are a worthy investment that gives you a comfortable living experience all year round, especially during the summers. The modern-day ACs come with a range of cutting-edge technologies that help you beat the heat with just a click of a button. All you need is a little awareness and a regular maintenance routine to keep getting the best cooling performance from your AC while increasing its shelf life.

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