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Reflect Magic with Haier Glass Door Refrigerators

01-18 2022

Reflect Magic with Haier Glass Door Refrigerators

Whether we move into a rented apartment or our newly purchased home, we all get into the interior-designing mode, don’t we? It’s these little joys that shifting or perhaps even redecorating brings. With a wave of home décor trends, every space and even the pieces of furniture matter. We don’t want anything to stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise well-planned and themed home. Unfortunately, daily-use appliances and electronics often bear the brunt of being the “misfit” in our interior décor plans.

Well, not anymore! At Haier, we give equal importance to the efficiency of home appliances and their aesthetics. Be it their look or feel, we design to suit your standards. And Haier Glass Door Refrigerators are a fine example of a product range that shines inside and out! Here are three reasons why:

1.Scratch Resistant – Our refrigerators come with a premium quality cut glass finish. Safer to say that unintentional scratches will not wreck the surface of your refrigerator! Its shiny, reflective surface will forever give your kitchen a sleek and magical look.

2.Rust Free – Over time, any metal-based finishing on your refrigerator might lead to rusting, instantly giving your fridge a worn-out look even though it may be fully functional. Good news! The Haier Glass Door Refrigerators are made from 100% glass, making them completely rust-free.

3.Easy To Clean – Glass is one of the easiest finishings to clean. All you need to do is wipe the surface off with a dry or damp cloth, and your fridge will sparkle again in no time!


At Haier, we have the most varied line-up of glass pattern refrigerators available in the industry. Our glass range includes Convertible Side by Side Refrigerators in colors like black glass, elite caramel glass, granite glass, floral glass, and more. We also have a glass door refrigerator range in Bottom Mounted, Top Mount, and French Door Refrigerators.

So be it a sleek, modular kitchen or a funky, pastel-themed kitchen, our glass refrigerators are sure to open magical doors for your home’s interior décor.

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