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Haier's newly launched AC "Clean Cool Kuadra"

02-20 2021

Technology has enabled us to lead a life filled with convenience and ease. To add to this convenience, Haier introduces the all-new Clean Cool Kuadra AC. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features that make it the right choice for every household, in every season. This could possibly be the best AC in India.

The Self-Clean feature of the AC ensures that while you enjoy cold air, it is also clean and germ-free. The AC thoroughly cleans the internal components, keeping them free from dust, germs, and other harmful substances.

The stellar cooling of the AC is due to the presence of Hyper PCB, which elevates the overall performance of the AC. It is a modern technology that keeps the product more stable and guarantees better durability of the product.

Apart from the performance, Clean Cool Kuadra also boasts of really great power saving. The Triple Inverter+ makes efficient use of electricity consumption without sacrificing on performance, and to make things even better, the AC is certified with 4 stars when it comes to energy-saving! The best split air conditioner in India, Haier Clean Cool Kuadra!

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