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How Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerator will help you in this Christmas Season

12-20 2020

The Christmas season is here and one of the most important part of celebration is food. From snacks and treats to proper meals, food really sets the vibe for every festival and celebration. Christmas is no different with various delicacies gracing the dinner table and your refrigerator. Which brings us to the most important question that families have during festive times, “where do we store our food???” Well, we have the answer to that and much more. Find out how Haier BMR fridge can make Christmas more convenient and enjoyable for you!


More Storage


With complete liberty to convert the refrigerator based on your requirement, the BMR allows more storage space than most competitors. This space is not limited to fresh zone, because if you need to, you can cover the entire space into a freezer! That’s right, that’s how flexible the BMR is. So store your favourite leftover dinner or more candies, there is space for all.


Easy access to treats


The whole point of bottom-mounted refrigerator is to provide easy access to the fridge. No forget the tedious bending and reaching for your favorite food. Stand stall and simply grab those tempting treats, hassle-free. This also ensures that little kids cannot reach the candies kept up high. Which is not a feature we condone but surely one we think is helpful.


Convenient time in the kitchen


Celebrations can surely get chaotic. With relatives coming in, lots of food being prepared and sweets being exchanged, the kitchen is surely not the nicest place to be. But while it’s a room you cannot avoid, the BMR ensures that your time spent there is convenient.


Energy Saving


Another important part of celebrations is the decorations. We spend days getting the decor right and lights are an integral part. With the lights running and consuming more energy than usual, electricity bills are bound to soar. Unless, you have the BMR that runs on Twin Inverter Technology, ensuring optimum performance and efficient energy use.


1 Hour Icing Technology


With Haier BMR, Ice creams, frozen desserts, and the multi-purpose ice cubes are all just an hour away. Our freezer really does a lot for us but what if you need ice within a few minutes? Fret not for the BMR has 1HIT that lowers the temperature of the freezer to -5 degrees Celsius in under 60 minutes. Now that is efficient performance.

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