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Smart AC: Here Is Why You Should Buy Smart Air Conditioners?

09-19 2022

The advent of smart air conditioning (AC) systems has brought about a significant change in the air conditioning industry. Over the years, AC makers have integrated many modern and innovative features to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers. Smart ACs are the result of such innovation, which has gained wide popularity in India.

If you have an old AC, you may consider upgrading to a smart AC with better and smarter features that do more than just cool your home. This article will share insights on why buying a smart AC is a worthy investment in 2022.

What is a Smart AC?

Smart ACs are same as the regular air conditioners except you can operate them and control the functions through your smartphone or tablet. You can control the room temperature, and schedule the AC to be switched on or off at a particular time of the day through an app that you can download on your smart device.

Additionally, you can connect your Smart AC to your smart home system or voice assistants and control the AC through voice commands. With smart devices becoming a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, being able to connect the AC to your phone or tablet makes operating the AC much easier than before.

All you need to have is a steady and active Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to operate your Smart AC through your smartphones or smart devices.

1.      Convenience at your fingertips

How many times does it happen with you that you misplace the AC remote, and you get frustrated not being able to switch it on or adjust the temperature? Well, it is the same story in almost every house. Well, you can say goodbye to such hassles by replacing your old AC with a smart AC as. With Smart AC, you can control your AC with your smartphone from anywhere in the house.

Also, with many automated modes in smart AC, you need not constantly change the temperature setting. Smart AC can detect the room temperature, and automatically adjust the temperature to maintain an ambient environment in the room.

If you want to enjoy a hot meal after a long workday in a chilled and comfortable room, you can turn on the AC of your living room before entering your house through an application on your smartphone. This is proof of how technology helps in making your life convenient.

Operate it remotely

Imagine, you are on vacation mode and about to catch a flight but suddenly you remember that you forgot to turn off your AC? Or you are returning home from the local market on a hot summer evening, you would want to cool yourself after you come home. With smart AC, you can keep switching on the AC while walking back home, and by the time you enter, you would a pre-cooled room.

Helps Reduce Energy Consumption and Cost

If you tend to forget things or you are in a hurry, the chances of not shutting down your AC when going off to work or on a vacation is high.

Smart ACs can solve this problem by providing you with the capability of controlling the AC units while you are away. Shutting down your smart AC when nobody’s home means your AC unit will run less, as a result, you will be prolonging the life of your AC which will in return save cost and energy.

2.       Smart Home Integration

The most important upside of owning a Smart AC is that lots of homes nowadays own voice-activated systems such as Google Home and Alexa. If you own and run a smart air conditioner, it can communicate and be compatible with other devices as well.

Additionally, with upcoming technological advancements, you can create an ecosystem and operate all your home appliances through a single device or an application. For example, you can easily connect your Haier Smart AC with Haier Smart TV or with a single application and control the functioning of the appliances at your convenience.

There is no doubt that Smart ACs are more efficient than conventional air conditioning systems; they help reduce your carbon footprint and lower energy consumption. With smart and innovative features, you can easily operate your AC and customize the settings to suit your preferences.

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