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CES 2014: Discover cutting-edge future TV technology designed by Haier!
01-07 2014



                    Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances brand for the last five consecutive years* and eighth most innovative company**, is showcasing its ambitious approach to innovation at CES 2014. Step into the future of consumer electronics as Haier unveils products of the future at its brown goods stand.


                    Curved OLED and LED range                


                    Haier is set to uncover a range of curved TVs at this year’s CES. Admire the stunning design of a 55'' Full HD OLED and 65'' Full HD LED ultra-slim TV. Come and see these breakthrough TVs for yourself – the state of the art technology takes you right into the action!




                    NFC or gesture control? Discover the remote control of tomorrow                






                    Haier introduces two new remote control concepts, firstly an NFC (near field communication) remote control that recognises fingerprints. What could be safer than using a fingerprint to unlock content that is deemed unsuitable for children or to pay for online purchases? This is all now possible thanks to this revolutionary remote control.                


                    The potential of this remote control does not stop there. When approaching another NFC device such as a tablet or smartphone, you can automatically retrieve the internet configuration of the device (network Internet settings, username, password) for displaying on the television, and vice versa.







                    Better yet, imagine being able to control your TV or navigate the content with your fingertips. Now it’s possible, as Haier makes scrolling through content a breeze.





                    4K 3D TV without glasses: Dive into a world of three dimensions                


                    Haier presents a prototype 4K 3D LED 50'' TV that displays images in three dimensions, viewable without glasses. Technology based on optical system Ultra D offers a vertical viewing angle of 140 degrees allowing multiple viewers to enjoy the show.


                    This technology will be ideal on dynamic display screens to disseminate information to the general public. It will also delight the viewer who wants to enjoy a great 3D picture show without the need to wear cumbersome glasses!                




                    Smarter Connected TVs                


                    There is no doubt that sometime soon all electrical and electronic devices will be connected between themselves, controllable via one main screen. Haier offers a taste of the connected future with a Smart TV prototype interface capable of controlling electrical home appliances with a TV remote and a control panel displayed on the screen.

                    Come and discover how accessories connected to your TV will give you more information about your lifestyle, such as the USB sensor capable of indicating the quality of ambient air.



                    * Source : Euromonitor International Limited in 2013
** Survey by the Boston Consulting Group, January 2013


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                    About Haier:                

                    The Haier Group is the world’s No. 1 Major Appliances brand with a 9.7% retail volume share in 2013 (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2013 data). With its commitment to quality and innovation, Haier brings the inspired living experience to consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. With global headquarters based in the Chinese city of Qingdao and regional headquarters in both Paris and New York to serve its clients in Europe and America, Haier has 61 trading companies, 24 manufacturing plants and 21 industrial parks with 80,000 employees worldwide. Haier both pursues excellence in innovation through its five R&D centres and ensures its products are adapted to the tastes and needs of its consumers in its various local markets. Haier specialises in technology-driven research, manufacturing and trading a large range of durable products. In Europe, these include: televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, consumer electronics and energy saving home solutions.

                    Haier’s global revenue in 2012 was 25.8 billion USD. Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (HKG: 1169), a subsidiary of the Haier Group, is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Qingdao Haier Co. (SHA: 600690), also a Haier subsidiary, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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