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We work with first-class global ecosystem partners in constructing IoT ecosystems, covering industries such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, health, medicine, and education.
  • High Quality Life

    Premium Brands

    Premium Brands

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    Desire less, enjoy more. Life transcends life itself in the pursuit of art and taste. Art sparks inspiration and taste ushers in a fine life which imbues with aesthetics.

  • Full-scenario Solutions

    Scenario Brands

    Scenario Brands

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    Out of chaos, we change for you. Haier, the "strange attractor" provides customized scenario solutions based on user demands and attract eco-partners in creating the Butterfly Effect.

  • Boundaryless Ecosystem

    Ecosystem Brands

    Ecosystem Brands

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    Near or far, everyone come and join us in welcoming the new. The God of Chaos gives birth to everything. In the era of IoT, Haier, with its fully open ecosystem, can do the same.

Haier News

Haier Selected as BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands for...

On June 21, the BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2021 ranking was announced in Cannes. Totally 18 Chinese brands including Tencent, Huawei and Haier made the ranking.Haier, the world’s one and only IoT Ecosystem Brand, has been on the ranking for three years straight, with its brand value improved by 41% from the previous year.

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Haier News

Snapshot Of Haier

Snapshot Haier is a global public welfare activity with user interaction. Via users' lens,Snapshot Haier will record the globalization and stories of Haier Smart Home with photos or videos, to further display the company’s globalization achievements. Based on the globalized distribution of Haier, Snapshot Haier activity will be synchronously carried out in 160 countries world widely.

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News Release
Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of the Board of Haier Group: Create a Bright Future with Unwavering Persistence

At the Annual Innovation Conference of Haier Group dated January 17, Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Haier Group delivered a speech themed by Create a Bright Future with Unwavering Persistence. He looked back on the extraordinary journey and called on colleagues across the globe to pursue the shared ideal.

Group Information | 2022.01.17
Haier Originates New Mechanism for Ecosystem Enterprise Succession
Group Information | 2021.11.05
A World Leader in Open Innovation
Global Presence in over 200 Countries/Districts ,Open Innovation for a Customized Life




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