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Innovation Characteristics

  1. R&D Model Disruptions
  2. R&D System Disruptions

Haier transforms the traditional Waterfall R&D Approach to an Iterative Approach and builds an open platform to assist this transformation. Haier Innovation aims to achieve zero-distance interaction between global users and innovation resources and realize the iteration of user experience instead of products. (Right: Haier Innovation Model)

Haier has set up a customer-oriented 10+N open innovation system around the world. Where there are customers, there will be Haier innovation and R&D. (Right: Haier Global Resources Network)

HOPE (Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem) was established in October 2009. After years of development, this open innovation team has been transformed into an open innovation service platform. HOPE Platform is a eco-community that attracts innovators, a large-scale resource network that covers the globe and a one-stop service platform that supports product innovation.

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Success Stories

Innovation Practice

National Science & Technology Awards
Recognition in China

National Science & Technology Award are considered the highest honor in China's science and technology field. Haier, as a home appliance enterprise, has won 16 National Science & Technology Awards, accounting for 2/3 of all awards in the industry.

International Standards
A Leader in International Standards

Haier leads the establishment of international smart home standards at five major international standard institutions (ISO, IEC, IEEE, OCF,CHIP). To date, Haier ranks first in the industry for the formulation of  655 national/industrial standards.

Of Global Patents for Invention
No.1 in Patent Quality

To date, Haier has received 11 China Patent Awards for patents filed around the world, accounting for 60% of all patents in the industry. Accumulatively, Haier has filed over 75,000 patents worldwide, among which over 47,000 are patents for invention. Haier ranks first in China's home appliance industry in terms of the number of patents for invention.

International Design Awards
A World Leader in Design

It has won 3 "China excellent industrial design gold awards" from the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, and is the only enterprise with three consecutive titles of "national industrial design gold awards"; It has won 5 international design gold awards and 500 Design Awards (including the above five gold awards).

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